OK, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I'm less than computer savvy.  But, I AM extremely excited about CAT. 5, and really want to get the word out there.  So, here you have it. A shiney new website and the very first blog entry.

Cat. 5 is the first of my comic characters to be published --there are still PLENTY more in my head, itching to get out -- and her adventures can currently be followed in the LADY FIGHT anthology from EARTHBOUND COMICS.  Her second story comes out in the MARCH issue, debuting at MEGACON.  I do the writing, and my good friend and cohort, Mike Dreher, brings her to life.

We're planning a #0 issue, which --if all goes according to plan-- will reprint her first two black & white LADY FIGHT adventures in COLOR for the 1st time, and feature a brand new full-color story as well.  CAT. 5 #0 will be the springboard from which we launch her own, full-length series.  So, stick around...the best is yet to come!