Here is the completed 1st page to the new story, BLOW ME DOWN, for March's LADY FIGHT #3, written by SEBASTIAN PICCIONE, drawn and shaded by MIKE DREHER, and lettered by MATT GRANT. I love this page, because Mike did such a great job of interpretting everything I wrote. My panels writing runs all or nothing, I'm either totaly open, and Mike can do as he will, or I'm totally pedantic, and overdescribe EVERYTHING.  Here, Mike did a great job of cathing our heroine in her Kathleen Day identity, at her family's business, 7 DAYS REAL ESTATE. He worked in the little file in her hands, with an actual old address of mine; the campny logo, the palm tree to remind everyone this is Florida, the picture of Kath's family, and Kath's 1973 Plymouth Duster.  And yes, I chose that car for her because they had the little whirlwind logo on the side. Sure, you can't see that logo here, as the back of the car is off-panel, but I like these little visual puns.  Look at the first story, CARD SHARK, and check out kath's glass on the cruise. She's drinking a Hurricane.  Yes, her cellphone is a Blackberry STORM. 

I'm a sad little man, but I have fun!