The Übertalented Mike Dreher sent in the first 5 (of 10, halfway WOOT!) pages, completed, inked, and grey-toned for lettering. The nimble fingered (at least that's what I've been told) Matt Grant has already lettered them, sent them to me for approval, and was making some minor tweaks with them today.
I know Mike has a few more pages near completion, so it should be ready anytime now.
The second story is called BLOW ME DOWN, and pits CAT. 5 up against the ghosts of a pirate crew that once prowled Florida's GOLD COAST.
I MAY prefer NY to Florida (God KNOWS I wanna move back north), but I will say THIS...NY is home to too many super-heroes already, and using Florida as a backdrop sure lets me have a lot more room to play, and makes some of the old superhero tropes seem a little more fresh.