Once again, things are hopping at SUNDAY KNIGHT COMICS STUDIOS, as we get ready for all sorts of goodness.

First off, CAT. 5 is getting ready for her next adventure, a light-hearted look at a rough week of super-heroinism, entitled A WEEK IN THE LIFE. This 8 page adventure by writer Sebastian Piccione and artist Mike Dreher, will be featured in the 4th issue of LADY FIGHT, the anthology by EARTHBOUND COMICS.

Not content with that, Seb and Mike have collaborated on a zombie story, for THE GRIM CREW's undead anthology, DEAD FUTURE #6, due out the end of October. DECOFFINATED answers that age old question, just how similar are the lives of zombies and your average office workers?

Looking ahead to 2011, Sebastian Piccione and artist Joe Kuzma have a full-length, full-color, full-awesome two issue mini coming up, called ALLIED FORCES. As the name suggests, it's a WWII era book, starring a super-team who take on the Nazi's.  Seb and Joe tried to make a more internationally diverse super team that we usually find in WWII comics, with heroes from Poland, England, France, Australia, Scotland, and Canada.  They are currently raising funds to help cover printing, coloring, and a kick-ass cover by KARL MOLINE (CrossGen, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse)!! Check out the video and lend a hand! You get cool exclusive perks, while helping an indie comic come to life!

Plus, Sebastian Piccione (Jeesh, he must be starved for attention, 'cause he keeps getting involved in EVERYTHING!) and Neil Jorge are diligently working on a 3 issue mini, set during the American Revolution. FREEDOM'S MAN is a patriot and a hero, or a rebel and a traitor, depends on whom you ask, but either way his story is a wild one!

And, if that weren't enough, Sebastian Piccione, Joe Kuzma, Neil Jorge, and Nelson Ortega are headed to Orlando in March, of 2011. That's right, MEGACON '11 approacheth! The boys will be in ARTIST ALLEY at
Yellow tables 6 & 7. Sebastian and Nelson are at 6 and Joe and Neil are at 7!!
So, if you're heading that way, stop by and say, "Hey!"