My gosh, it's been a looooong time since I updated anything here, and since they used last years link to this site as a hot link for my name on the MEGACON page, I figured i better add a lil' summin'-summin'!
I got so caught up in TWITTER :!/SebPiccione and CAT. 5's facebook page:!/pages/Cat-5/111027179694 that I've been neglecting this early attempt at a CAT. 5 site.
In THEORY, I really will have up and running soon.  Visit it now if you want to laugh at my techno-ineptitude.
Anyway, the countdown to MEGACON 2012 has begun. This year's Orlando MEGACONVENTION is Friday feb. 17th - Sun Feb. 19th.  I'll be there with CAT. 5 #0, collecting my (Sebastian Piccione) and Mike Dreher's short stories from the Lady Fight anthologies. Mike, Matt (Mastorism, Explosion Proof) Grant and I have left Earthbound Comics to do our own things.  Look for our new reboot of his EXPLOSION PROOF coming in 2012.

Back to MEGACON. I'll be at ARTIST ALLEY TABLE YELLOW 14 with Nelson Ortega. We'll have our CONVERSION story and (hopefully) DET. CO., a crime/detective story.  Kevin Little and Joe Kuzma will be next to us at YELLOW 15. Joe has several works, including our ALLIED FORCES, whereas Kevin and i will have our patriotic team story, UNITED SUPER AMERICANS.
Hopefully Neil Jorge and Willie Freeman will be with us, as well.

And, finally, Here's Mike Dreher's gorgeous cover to CAT. 5 #0, featuring our Hurricane Heroine and her foes, The Bull-Shark, Guerilla Gorilla, and The Pirate Captain.

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Like the header says, there's a lot going on at the moment!  First, Artist Mike Dreher and I have finished a 10 page zombie story for THE GRIM CREW'S zombiepocalypse anthology, DEAD FUTURE # 5, due out later this summer.

But, we're not sitting on our laurels waiting for that.  In fact, I'm not sure if we even have laurels, nor if they're something one REALLY wants to sit on. We've been hard at work on CAT. 5 #0. That's right, a full issue of hurricane powered goodness!  I've got the final story all written, and Mike has started the artwork.  CAT. 5 #0 will reprint the first two CAT. 5 stories from LADY FIGHT, plus it will feature an all new 8 pager that sets things up for the CAT. 5 series.

Oh, and did I mention this time it'll all be in COLOR!!??  OOOoooo! AAAAaaaah!

It looks like we've found ourselves a colorist (more on that at another time) and he's going to color the B&W LADY FIGHT stories, as well as the new story, giving us 26 pages of full color CATEGORY 5 adventures! 

Oh, yeah! it's on!!