ALLIED FORCES reached its KICKSTARTER goal with a full month to go on the clock, so we'll be fully funded and can get the cover, the colors, the printing, and be ready for MEGACON. Joe Kuzma has finished 19 of the 24 pages. I'm back at work on the script to issue #2.

CAT. 5 # 0 is still firmly in the works, with only a few pages of the final story to for Mike Dreher to finish, before we pass it on for colors and letters.

The script for CAT. 5 # 1 is well underway, having undergone some slight revisions for pacing, but we're on page 15 out of 20. Also, the first arc, leading through issue 4 is mapped out.

THE GRIM CREW have informed me that the cover to DEAD FUTURE #6 should be finished in the next day or so, clearing the way for the book's Halloween release.  DECOFFINATED will be Seb and Mike's first published non-CAT. 5 collaboration.

Neil Jorge is prepping the first 6 pages of FREEDOM'S MAN for inker NELSON ORTEGA.  Still not sure how Neil conned Nelson into doing that, but I'm glad he did!

Speaking of Nelson, the plot outline for the  three, five page back-ups of THE BUG (to be featured in CAT. 5 # 2, 3, & 4) is starting to come together, so hopefully I'll be scripting those, soon.

Not a lot of dull moments here in small press land!


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