Here is the completed 1st page to the new story, BLOW ME DOWN, for March's LADY FIGHT #3, written by SEBASTIAN PICCIONE, drawn and shaded by MIKE DREHER, and lettered by MATT GRANT. I love this page, because Mike did such a great job of interpretting everything I wrote. My panels writing runs all or nothing, I'm either totaly open, and Mike can do as he will, or I'm totally pedantic, and overdescribe EVERYTHING.  Here, Mike did a great job of cathing our heroine in her Kathleen Day identity, at her family's business, 7 DAYS REAL ESTATE. He worked in the little file in her hands, with an actual old address of mine; the campny logo, the palm tree to remind everyone this is Florida, the picture of Kath's family, and Kath's 1973 Plymouth Duster.  And yes, I chose that car for her because they had the little whirlwind logo on the side. Sure, you can't see that logo here, as the back of the car is off-panel, but I like these little visual puns.  Look at the first story, CARD SHARK, and check out kath's glass on the cruise. She's drinking a Hurricane.  Yes, her cellphone is a Blackberry STORM. 

I'm a sad little man, but I have fun!

The Übertalented Mike Dreher sent in the first 5 (of 10, halfway WOOT!) pages, completed, inked, and grey-toned for lettering. The nimble fingered (at least that's what I've been told) Matt Grant has already lettered them, sent them to me for approval, and was making some minor tweaks with them today.
I know Mike has a few more pages near completion, so it should be ready anytime now.
The second story is called BLOW ME DOWN, and pits CAT. 5 up against the ghosts of a pirate crew that once prowled Florida's GOLD COAST.
I MAY prefer NY to Florida (God KNOWS I wanna move back north), but I will say THIS...NY is home to too many super-heroes already, and using Florida as a backdrop sure lets me have a lot more room to play, and makes some of the old superhero tropes seem a little more fresh.
OK, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I'm less than computer savvy.  But, I AM extremely excited about CAT. 5, and really want to get the word out there.  So, here you have it. A shiney new website and the very first blog entry.

Cat. 5 is the first of my comic characters to be published --there are still PLENTY more in my head, itching to get out -- and her adventures can currently be followed in the LADY FIGHT anthology from EARTHBOUND COMICS.  Her second story comes out in the MARCH issue, debuting at MEGACON.  I do the writing, and my good friend and cohort, Mike Dreher, brings her to life.

We're planning a #0 issue, which --if all goes according to plan-- will reprint her first two black & white LADY FIGHT adventures in COLOR for the 1st time, and feature a brand new full-color story as well.  CAT. 5 #0 will be the springboard from which we launch her own, full-length series.  So, stick around...the best is yet to come!